Our Selection Process


The Antique Ring Shop offers a unique and personal selection of antique and vintage jewelry. We have been collecting, buying and selling jewelry for 25+ years.


In our opinion, antique and vintage jewelry has an enduring charm, quality of craftsmanship and distinction that is not present in all new jewelry. Antique jewelry is an investment for the future, an heirloom you can pass on. Also, we think it's nicer for the planet to invest in beautiful pieces that have already existed for decades, centuries even.


We use our experience and knowledge to date each piece based on the item's materials, construction techniques, hallmarks, signatures, and cultural context. While we cannot guarantee the exact age of each piece, we do our best to determine when it was likely manufactured and during which era it was designed.


We try to keep our pieces as close to the original condition as possible. If we need to replace certain stones, we do our best to match the existing cut and color of the stone in question. Our goldsmiths are experienced in repairing and resizing antique and vintage jewelry.


We aim to accurately describe the quality, uniqueness and condition based on era, design, and gemstone assessments. Antique pieces are often one hundred or more years old and the age and patina of a piece is part of the allure.


Of course, please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to hear more or come visit our store in Amsterdam.