Vintage & Antique Engagement Rings for the Vintage Bride

Looking to propose to the love of your life? Browse our one-of-a-kind antique and vintage engagement rings. Our timeless vintage rings originate from romantic eras of the past. Which antique engagement ring is the right one, is very personal of course. 

You might want to go "classic" with a one diamond solitaire:

Or you might love the aesthetics of the Art Deco period:

Saver the fine lines and light feel of the Edwardian period of the early 20th century:

Or maybe cool vintage Hollywood glamour is more your cup of tea:

We also do sweet & petite:

And are known for our Victorian pieces, filled with symbolism and charm:

Which ever speaks to you, we've got you covered with loads of antique and vintage engagement ring possibilities! We are always happy to help you find "the one" ❤

With love,
Joe, Sandra & Maaike

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